Kartu As2in1 Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

The As2in1 SIM card is a SIM card issued by Telin Hong Kong Limited for Indonesian people in Hong Kong where customers must comply with the applicable terms and conditions as below:

  1. The As2in1 SIM card is used based on the Customer’s acceptance of the sales and service agreement.
  1. Kartu As2in1 can be used to make and receive calls while in Hong Kong and Indonesia, internet data in Hong Kong and Indonesia, and SMS services both in Hong Kong and Indonesia. All fees are in accordance with the applicable rates and may change at any time without prior notice.
  1. All questions or disputes regarding service fees, remaining credit and SIM validity period will be determined at the company’s discretion.
  1. Your SIM card can be refilled through charging units determined by the company or by purchasing a refill Voucher at the company’s retail outlets.
  1. Perusahaan tidak memberikan pengembalian uang untuk setiap bagian yang tidak terpakai dari nilai SIM yang telah kadaluarsa, Voucher yang telah kadaluarsa atau kartu SIM yang digunakan untuk penipuan atau tindakan ilegal / tidak sah.
  1. The Company does not provide refunds for any unused portion of the value of expired SIMs, expired Vouchers or SIM cards used for fraud or illegal/unauthorized acts.
  1. Other terms and conditions apply and please contact the hotline service 171161 (Plasa Grapari), 52484000 (Whatsapp service), or visit the site http://www.kartuas2in1.hk for Kartu As2in1 addresses, products and rates.
  1. Telin HK Limited can correct or cancel data or terms and conditions at any time without prior notification. All decisions of Telin HK Limited are final and binding.
  1. Unlimited Package
  • You can subscribe to only one data package on your active number except for roaming data packages. And if you register for a new package while the current package is still active, your current data package will be changed to a new data package.
  • The maximum speed of the unlimited data package is 3.6Mbps. The actual speed experienced by customers depends on location, network conditions and other factors including the condition of the equipment used.
  • Fair usage limits have been set, namely once data usage reaches 15GB in 30 days for data packages $98 30 days, $176 60 days, $240 90 days and $450 180 days, you can still continue to use this service at 1Mbps speed. For a reasonable use limit of 15GB data package usage is $45 30 days, $88 30 days, you can also still use this service with a speed limited to 128Kbps. For normal usage the $45 7 day data plan limit is 1GB per day and drops to 1Mbps thereafter.
  • This unlimited data package will be extended automatically every data package end date and if there are remaining unused telephone minutes within the data package period, they will be forfeited and cannot be added.

10. Quota Based

  • The maximum speed is 42Mbps and the actual speed that customers will experience will be reduced depending on the equipment used, location, network conditions and other external factors.
  • This quota-based package will be automatically renewed every 30 days after subscribing and the remaining usage quota or telephone minutes that are not used within those 30 days will be forfeited and cannot be added.
  • You can change your data package before your data quota package expires. In this case, you can register for a new package which you can choose from either an unlimited data package or a quota data package.

11. Roaming Package in Indonesia

  • Roaming data packages can be registered even if there is an active local data package. Example: if you are currently subscribed to an unlimited data package or quota data package, you can still register for a roaming data package without stopping the current data package.
  • The actual maximum speed is 1Mbps and the speed that customers will experience will decrease depending on the equipment used, location, network conditions and other external factors.
  • This roaming data package uses the Telkomsel Indonesia network with Telkom APN and this package is an unlimited data package with service packages of $10 1 day, $60 7 days and $200 30 days.
  • This roaming data package will not be automatically renewed when it ends. You must re-register when this package runs out.
  • Telin HK Limited has the right to stop or suspend roaming network services at any time if it is discovered that this roaming data is due to fraudulent, illegal or inappropriate use of the As2in1 SIM Card.

12. As2in1 SIM Expiry Date

The As2in1 Card number will be forfeited if:

  • The active period has ended because you don’t top up regularly, or
  • Within 6 months of not refilling and using Kartu As2in1 services.

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